Here we try to answer the most common questions prospective customers have asked.

How do I contract with FRS?

Primarily we provide engineering services.  We use a mutual Non-Disclosure agreement for discussion and negotiation and either a Consulting Services Agreement or Research and Development Agreement depending on the situation.  Both are available as downloads from the "Administrative" menu on the Home page.

What products does FRS provide?

We offer a selection of workflow tools which can boost the productivity of your mission analysis and design.  Contact us for a customized solution to your problem.

We also offer some of our tools "off-the-shelf" tools as installable binaries, which we will make available from time-to-time under the "Downloads" menu found on the Home page.

We will perform or assist your flight software development project as a contracted service.  Please have your project manager contact us at [email protected].

Do we have customer support?

Our customer support for downloads or workflow software products is provided from associated GitHub repositories.  Inquiries from the community at large may be addressed through email to [email protected].

Customer support to contracted research and development or services contracts will be provided as engineering services in accordance with the Statement of Work for the contract or its follow-on.