Mission Analysis and Design

We specialize in orbit transfer missions using low thrust propulsion such as Hall Effect, Ion, and Pulsed Plasma.  Low thrust systems are ideal for CubeSat scale missions.  Research currently is focused on delivering cargo to the Distant Retrograde Orbit (DRO), where the "thriftyness" of high specific impulse outweighs the need for rapid transfer.

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Flight Software

We develop applications for the open source Core Flight System (cFS), released by NASA.  The cFS has accumulated over 28 years of actual flight heritage on NASA Missions. Freelance Rocket Science performs Cross Platform development for cFS on RTEMS and CentOS Linux targets using Azure Platform as a Service.

We are developing Guidance Navigation and Control solutions for cFS, using the results of our research into trajectory and dynamics solutions.  FRS has developed control software implementing the Edelbaum-Alfano low-thrust combined inclination and orbit raising steering laws, and is developing direct transcription solutions for low-thrust transfers to various stable orbits in cis-Lunar space.

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Toolchain Application Software

In the workflow of research and development, Freelance Rocket Science has developed a high performance tool-chain around the NASA General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT).  Our custom tools enable bulk simulation and optimization as well as spacecraft dynamics simulation not available in the open source release of GMAT.  For instance, we are presently able to automatically generate batches of over 3000 mission models and execute them concurrently using an 8-core Xeon platform with a 3-4 hour job duration.

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